Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorneys

The bankruptcy lawyers at Ure Law Firm provide legal services for people and businesses facing financial distress. Our firm represents debtors in Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, and often are able to provide a variety of services for people and businesses where bankruptcy is not the best solution.

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In order to represent our Spanish-speaking clients, our office has full-time staff members who are available to provide Spanish interpretation at no cost throughout the bankruptcy process, including free initial consultations.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Eliminate Your Debt!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows for a debtor to discharge debts against them. Chapter 7 works well if you wish to eliminate unsecured debts like credit card and medical bills. No longer will you be harassed by creditor calls, texts, or emails!

Are you eligible to file a Ch 7 bankruptcy?
Find out by taking the Ch 7 bankruptcy means test or by asking your bankruptcy lawyer during you free consultation.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

A Fresh Start For Your Business!

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is primarily intended for the reorganization of businesses with heavy debts. Chapter 11 may be associated with corporations as well as small businesses. Trim costs and seek new revenue sources while creditors are held at bay!

Not sure if Chapter 11 bankruptcy is right for your situation?
Learn about the differences between Chapter 7 & Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in this short comparison.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Protect Your Assets & Reorganize Your Debt!

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy works extremely well for people who are looking to protect their home from foreclosure and have enough disposable income to create a repayment plan. Through Chapter 13 you get to keep your possessions and reorganize your debts.

Create a realistic repayment plan, with an experienced ch 13 bankruptcy lawyer, that shows how you will use your income to pay off your debts over time. The protections offered by the courts during a successful chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you: keep your home, catch up on your mortgage, and help you take charge of your finances.

Learn More About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of the best financial tools available to the public. It can stop a foreclosure on a property, eliminate debt, and much more.

Bankruptcy won't always be the best decision for someone, which is why we encourage you to fill out the bankruptcy evaluation form and have an experienced bankruptcy attorney examine your situation and call you back with answers in minutes!