Look no further for a bankruptcy attorney!

The ugly truth about bankruptcy is not so ugly at all when you hire a professional that explains to you the intricacies and options you face- when faced- with financial disaster.

Tom Ure is that attorney.

I hopped from initial consultation to initial consultation, hearing everything I did not want to hear from other attorneys. Most of the time it was “you must file Chapter 7” or “You are going to loose your house.” One guy even said, when I asked about preserving a certain amount of dignity in the process: what do you care? Well I did care, because I did want to file bankruptcy- but had to. My guess is that’s the situation the person reading this (you) is in as well.

When I met with Tom Ure I felt almost instantly at ease. I talk a lot- and he took the time to listen. He explained options that did not make me feel like just another number, or loser for that matter and that there was hope. I decided to hire Tom after that first meeting. Eventually we started the process and his staff confidently walked me thru the steps, the countless forms, and information that was needed file and proceed. Then Tom stood by me throughout the meetings and more. Clear, concise and confident I felt once again. He successfully got my case approved and it has changed my life. I know for a fact there is no way this process would have been easy one way or another. But with confidence I can say that without Tom’s guidance and ease of which he broke down the entire process for me- and stood by me – I could not have done it without him. Its funny, this bankruptcy ordeal…it changes a person. I am a better person now. Then there’s this tidbit: you find a guy like Tom Ure and want to use him again- but hope you never have to! And so does he!

That said- the very least I can do it is let others know how terrific he is, and I am doing so here.