Stop Creditor Harassment

Debt Relief

Will Filing For Bankruptcy Stop Creditor Harassment?

Having debt can be beneficial and detrimental depending on how you manage it. Having some debt gives you the freedom to build your credit standing, while having more debt than you can afford could be detrimental to your livelihood. When debt begins to pile up, creditors may start attempting to collect on what is owed. One phone call can quickly turn into several daily and the occasional letter can evolve into a weekly occurrence.

Some families think if they ignore the issue, the creditors will stop calling – they won’t.

The Automatic Stay

Families who find themselves with considerable debt and who wish to stop the creditor harassment may consider filing for bankruptcy. Once the initial paperwork is filed for bankruptcy, you are protected from collection activity through the automatic stay.

The automatic stay is a court order that halts further actions by creditors. If a creditor violates the automatic stay, you have the ability to take them to bankruptcy court to impose penalties.

Filing for bankruptcy is an effective way to stop creditors from harassing you because they must first go through the bankruptcy court before they can be legally granted permission to contact you. As mentioned, when the bankruptcy case has been filed you are protected from creditors attempting to collect unsecured debts, such as credit card debt.

Speak with a Bankruptcy Professional

It is important to note, filing for bankruptcy is a big deal. No one should file for bankruptcy before consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy can help you alleviate serious financial burdens, but should not be pursued until you understand how the bankruptcy process works. Contact Ure Law Firm for free initial consultations and find out if bankruptcy is right for you!